Success must bestow Humility

A sage from the Himalayan peaks: Teaching hundreds of students in the valley of Tibet; A corporate executive: Handling the operations of a billion dollar company; A politician: Won an election by eighty percent lead; A brigadier: Never lost a battle for last ten years; A student: Throughout distinction in his academics; What we call achieving success? Is one of these success or all of these or none of these?

‘Success is a sense of fulfillment for any person. There is no measure for the level of success. In fact there are no levels of success. Its definition is different from an individual to another that depends on their respective perception. Becoming happy for life can be success or getting a fat salary can be success or giving happiness to others can be success too.’

A sage from Himalayan peaks bows to everybody and smiles at him; a corporate executive asks to his sub-ordinates for new ideas; a politician brims up with gratitude towards his supporters, a brigadier pats every lieutenant for his competence, a student helps his peers to understand various concepts; What we call a manner of humility? Is one of these humility or all of these or none of these?

Humility is about being modest and respectful to every person that you come across. There is no specific manner of showing humility. It’s about how you emit out your behavior and how you respond to various situations.’

But there are some indicators that infer to its attainment. A person’s behavior is one of them. And humility is a vital characteristic of a person’s behavior. As modest a person is, as high his self-belief exists. Being egoless is another face of humility.

Successful people must understand the essence of a beautiful quote by Rabindra Nath Tagore: “We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.” This shows that advancement in life is dependent on your being a humble individual. One can infer that being humble and being successful are interdependent.

Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Dr. Kalaam are some of the living examples that depict:  “Humility makes great men twice honorable.” – Benjamin Franklin. A man who has proved himself great through his deeds, achievement and contribution to human society is honored more when he is down to earth in his casual interactions.

It is very well said that a man is known by the way he carries himself when he has nothing and the way he behaves when he has everything.


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